I think it is safe to say that Netflix changed the game when it comes to at-home TV and movie watching.

I have cable but the vast majority of what I watch is streamed through Netflix. 

Here are my thoughts.

1. I find it difficult to remember how I kept up with TV shows before Netflix. Watching one episode of a show at a designated time each week just seems ridiculous now.

2. Does anyone actually just watch one episode at a time on Netflix?

3. The first 3-4 years that I used Netflix, I was using a friend’s account. I had never heard of Netflix before, but she said I had to watch this show (I do not even remember what show it was now) and I could do it online on her online video account for free. Amazing!

4. Of course I did not just watch that one show. I watched a ton of shows through her account. Our friendship faded (not because of Netflix) but I was still using her login — is that wrong? 

5. But then something truly awful happened — she changed the password on her account! I was locked out and not in a position to ask her what the new password was. So my relationship with Netflix ended temporarily. Eventually, I got my own account but for a few blissful years I did not have to pay for Netflix and it was glorious.

6. Did anyone actually use Netflix when it started as a DVD mail subscription service? Apparently back in 1997!?

7. The fact that “Netflix and chill” has become a commonplace expression shows the influence that Netflix has acquired. And the fact that it can mean both a relaxing night of TV watching on the couch or a euphemism for sex just adds to its power.

8. People broadcast “Netflix and chill” as one of their hobbies. Like it is vastly different from watching TV or movies offline. 

9. Netflix made binge watching a thing. It gave us the ability to spend hours of time sitting in one place watching episode after episode of our favourite show. And it isn’t entirely socially unacceptable.

10. Currently need to finish: Breaking Bad. I was one of the very few who did not watch Breaking Bad when it originally aired. Thanks to Netflix I have been remedying this grave error. And I have one season left to go! No spoilers please.

11. Show I watch the most: Friends. I had already seen the entire series multiple times before Friends appeared on Netflix. But now that I have the ability to watch any episode any time that I want, I take full advantage. Sometimes I just leave it on in the background as ambient noise.

12. I do not appreciate when Netflix asks me if I’m still watching. Yes Netflix, I am. This is how I am choosing to spend my day.

13. Shows I have binged: Friends, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Master of None, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Homeland, Gilmore Girls, Lovesick, New Girl, Fuller House, The Office (UK), Ozark, Riverdale, etc. etc. etc.



14. The day that Netflix began allowing you to download shows/movies through the app (ie. so you could watch them outside a WiFi area) was a monumental day in my life.

15. I think Netflix introduced the download feature while I was training for my first marathon. It was freezing outside and I had to run 18 miles on the treadmill. This was made significantly better by the fact that I could watch movies the whole time. I mean, it still sucked, but less.

16. Why are only some shows available for download? And why are the unavailable shows the ones I want to watch? Being able to download from Netflix was supposed to help me go to the gym more and run on the treadmill more. But if I can’t download the show I am currently watching in order to watch it at the gym, then I just remain on my couch.

17. I have actually reached my download limit of Friends. I am not sure why Netflix is trying to limit my Friends consumption but when I try to download certain episodes, the app tells me that I am unable to because I have reached my limit. That is just bullshit.

18. “Netflix” has basically become a verb. It is something you do.

19. The last “new” thing I watched on Netflix was Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife which is a one hour stand-up comedy special by comedienne Ali Wong. She is hilarious. I had previously watched her first Netflix special Ali Wong: Baby Cobra and fell in love with his woman. She is a tiny Asian-American woman that tells ridiculously funny jokes about her job, her husband, her sex life — all while 7 months pregnant. That’s right — she is approximately 7 months pregnant in both specials. I really hope that isn’t a requirement for her going forward because I assume she will stop having children at some point and I still want more comedy.

20. There are never any commercials. I repeat — there are never any commercials. This makes it impossible to go back to watching regular television.

21. How many people watch Netflix on their computer versus through a TV?

22. How many of you take the “Recommend For…” list seriously? Because sometimes Netflix gets it right for me, but a lot of the time I question the accuracy of the algorithm. I mean, I was given a 96% match to RuPaul’s Drag Race. And please, no offense to RuPaul. I just do not understand what other shows I have watched that would lend themselves to this recommendation.

23. Some of the categories are very funny and/or hard to decipher. “Teen TV for BFFs”, “Raunchy Comedies” and “Casual Viewing”.




24. I have run a marathon. It’s 26.2 miles. But now there is such thing as a Netflix marathon. I want to know how many shows/how long do you have to watch Netflix continuously for it to be considered a marathon? 26.2 hours?

25. I heard a Netflix stat that the average user takes two minutes to decide what to watch.

26. I have a weird fascination with health documentaries. Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., What The Health, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, Take Your Pills. Netflix has a whole category dedicated to giving me more neurosis about what I put in my body.

27. Netflix originals. I love that they started as random shows that no one had heard of (and were therefore not the reason people went to Netflix) to very quickly becoming some of the most thought-provoking, entertaining and engaging content that drove even more people to subscribe.

28. Netflix is the ultimate distraction. It is so easy to be pulled away from work, cooking, cleaning, interacting with people — you tell yourself that you’ll just watch one episode and hours later you find yourself stuck in a black binge-watching abyss.

29. This blog post almost did not get finished on time because of Netflix.

30. More recommendations please??