Hi, I’m Elise!

I am a 30-year-old living in Toronto, Canada. By day, I work as a corporate lawyer, and at night, I write. Or, you know, I write in the morning on my commute or on my lunch break or on the weekend. Basically whenever I can. My mind is often a mess of thoughts and ideas and the only way for me to process it all is to write it out. I created this website to house my writing. To write about things that interest me and that I hope interest you too.


My dog, travel, running long distances, coffee, good wine, guacamole, gin and tonics, lazy Sundays, diving into a new book, feeling inspired.


Slow walkers, cold weather, subway delays, intolerance, when the grocery store is out of Silk vanilla almond milk creamer, cruelty to animals.

Thanks for visiting!