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Why You Should Not Ignore Minor Injuries During Marathon Training

Training for a marathon is a daunting task. Even when you’ve done it before.

It requires a certain level of commitment and being a certain degree of crazy.

Unless you are at a superhuman level of fitness (which I am not), you have to be willing to adhere to a training schedule over many weeks in order to get your body (and mind) ready for the task. [...]  read more

30 Thoughts On Running A Marathon

I ran my first marathon — the Walt Disney World Marathon — in January 2017. 

There was a period afterward when the pain had subsided but I was still full of all of those delicious endorphins, that I decided to sign up (and eventually run) the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October 2017.  [...]  read more

My Health/Fitness Journey (so far) and How I Started Running

My own health and fitness journey has been somewhat staggered to say the least. As a kid, I was never described as “athletic” and in fact usually felt more inactive than my peers. I always felt a little heavier and a little more unfit. Sure, I dabbled in soccer (I’m pretty sure I just slowly ran up and down the field avoiding contact with the ball at all costs) and swimming (I never got over my fear of diving off the raised platform). Gym class was my least favourite time of day and my 8th grade gym teacher even wrote “remember to bend your knees when you run” in my yearbook. [...]  read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Fitness Goals Over Weight Loss Goals

Disclaimer: This post contains my opinions only and any changes to your health/fitness routine should be based on your individual needs under the supervision of a medical and/or fitness professional.

I understand that everyone motivates differently but I am a HUGE believer in choosing fitness goals over weight loss goals for long term health.  [...]  read more

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