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Why I Took A Month Off From Blogging (and Why I Came Back)

Welcome back!

That remark was intended for myself as much as for you. Whether you realized it or not, I disappeared from the blogging world for the month of June. It was not intentional and I know that there are many things I could have done to maintain the steady stream of content that I had been generating. I was actually on a pretty good roll of twice a week posts. [...]  read more

4 Easy Ways To Have More Fun (And Improve Your Life)

Fun should be a big part of your life. If it’s not, then you’re doing something wrong.

Life is full of stress and sadness and worry — often out of your control. There are probably moments every day when you have to deal with something (or someone) negative in your life. [...]  read more

30 Thoughts On Big City Vs. Small Town Living

This past weekend I escaped my downtown Toronto life for the small town of West Lorne, Ontario.

For those of you that are not familiar with this town (I know I wasn’t and I live in Ontario), the population of West Lorne is approximately 1,400 people. Compared to Toronto’s approximately 3 million. [...]  read more

30 Thoughts On Netflix

I think it is safe to say that Netflix changed the game when it comes to at-home TV and movie watching.

I have cable but the vast majority of what I watch is streamed through Netflix. 

Here are my thoughts.

1. I find it difficult to remember how I kept up with TV shows before Netflix. Watching one episode of a show at a designated time each week just seems ridiculous now. [...]  read more

What Happened When I Questioned How To Define Success

This week I was asked to think about my most significant accomplishments.

My successes.

What seemed like a simple request sent me down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out (1) what I considered to be my successes, and (2) why I thought they were successes. [...]  read more

30 Thoughts On Being An Introvert

I do not remember the first time I heard the word introvert.

But I have long known that there are many misconceptions about the term. I feel like it is a word that gets thrown around a lot in conversation to describe the quiet, shy, less social person in the group. [...]  read more

The Five Biggest Benefits of Journaling

I have kept a journal on and off since middle school. My journals have always been a safe place for me to unleash whatever thoughts, experiences and emotions I felt saddled with on a particular day.

There have been many articles written on the benefits of journaling. A quick Google search will bring up dozens from the last few years. I cannot comment on all the possible benefits, but I want to share the five biggest ones for me. [...]  read more

Why Do We Put Limits On Ourselves?

The big challenge is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. You cannot believe what it does to the human spirit to maximize your human potential and stretch yourself to the limit.” — Jim Rohn

If what Jim Rohn said is true, then why do we make choices that knowingly curb our potential? [...]  read more

Goodbye Winter, Hello Happiness

Even though spring officially started in March, the unofficial start of spring in Toronto was this past weekend.

After months of wintry cold, snow and ice —including a (hopefully!) final snowstorm in mid-April, the sun came out, the temperatures rose and everyone emerged from their cocoons.  [...]  read more

Want To Achieve Your Goals? It’s About Time

We all know that goals are important. They provide a framework to help you get the things you want out of life. They chart your progress along the way. They become your roadmap.

Goals are awesome. If you achieve them.

I am a goal oriented person. While this may sound impressive, all it means is that I need goals to motivate me to get things done. In fact, my total reliance on goals to get things done may stem from my lack of diligence in practicing good daily habits.  [...]  read more

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